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After I bought Ruggies rug grippers to keep my carpets and rugs in place, I was pleasantly surprised by the ease and safety they provided at my home. My home looks neat and tidy, since all the mats and carpets stay at the same place where I put them. Moreover, there is no messy sight of curled corners of my carpets and rugs. My children can now play safely, and I can work peacefully without having to check them now and then. I am quite satisfied with the product.

Lately, most individuals have been asking me about the customer service of Ruggies rug grippers. They have heard negative reviews from people who paid twice and had issues contacting Ruggie’s customer service. I was amazed to hear such negative reviews about its customer service, as personally I have never experienced any issues with them. After I decided to order Ruggies rug grippers, I simply visited to place my first order online. I faced no problems with my order. I received my parcel in the mail after a few days of placing the order, and I have been using my rug grippers successfully ever since. It was just another hassle-free online transaction for me.

About the Complaints

I tried to find out the root cause of people’s dilemma and the truth behind their complaints against the customer service of Ruggies rug grippers. I checked the Internet to see what other users have to say about the customer service. I found that most reviews were positive, especially from the people who have ordered their product from its official website. I also observed that most of the complaints placed by customers were on weekends. Suddenly, it clicked to me that customer service is either very slow or not operational during the weekend, especially on Sundays.

My transaction while purchasing my set of Ruggies rug grippers was absolutely great, maybe because I made an order on Monday. I was so pleased and happy with my purchase that I ordered and received two more sets of Ruggies rug grippers without any glitches. I never encountered any sort of billing and customer service difficulties.

I further found that most buyers were billed twice for their order. It was something puzzling to me, as I had made two orders without experiencing such issues. On researching thoroughly, I realized that it was a user error. Some people ordered their products twice because of their slow Internet connections, thinking that the first one was not placed successfully.

Furthermore, sometimes, when in a hurry to make an order online, they forget to read the instructions carefully. I am sure this was also the reason for most people being charged twice for their order. On a lighter note, it is a good idea to have 4 to 5 sets of Ruggies rug grippers, especially when you have lots of rugs and carpets at home.

Most people are complaining that customer service does not receive their calls. However, I contacted the customer service before making my first order. I wanted to see whether there are real people to receive your call and ready to assist you in your needs. I was warmly greeted from a sweet voice, who explained the procedure for making an order and the benefits of Ruggies rug grippers.

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Be Cautious When Making an Order Online

It is important that you remain aware of the on-going scams on the Internet. With so many websites selling Ruggies rug grippers, it’s not easy to find the website that is authentic and legitimate. A few of the websites are also selling this product at a reduced price. These websites tempt users to order their product, and then they try to charge twice. It is recommended ordering your Ruggies rug grippers from the genuine and risk-free website only. Ordering Ruggies rug grippers is a straightforward procedure that just needs you to make some clicks. You must keep yourself educated about the legitimate location of the official website before making your order.

Consumers who have complained about being scammed upon making their order for Ruggies rug grippers chose the wrong website to buy this product. When you buy your product from the official website, you are rest assured that you are receiving the right product from the right place and at the right price.

I am so glad that I found Ruggies rug grippers, as they have made my life so easy. Now, my home looks perfectly neat with all my rugs, carpets, and mats secured. My children can play safely at home. I found I have stopped getting panicky when my kids run over the rugs and carpets. Just my two cents: Be safe when shopping online.

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Ruggies in Stores

When I saw an advertisement for Ruggies rug grippers on television, I was very keen to purchase them because I was desperately looking for an effective product that would keep my rugs and mats in place. I am sort of a perfectionist, and I easily get annoyed if I find my things are not arranged properly. So I was fed up with the messy look that the curled corners of my rugs gave to my living room. Most importantly, my children often tripped over the rugs, which was also a concern for me.

Despite having tried zillions of products to keep my carpets and mats in place, I still could not find anything near to perfect. So, when I found Ruggies rug grippers as the new product in town, I was more than eager to try them. The commercial shown on the TV also looks promising. The innovative ‘Tacky Grip Polymer Technology’ was used in Ruggies to attach them onto the rug and the underlying surface. Since my house was in a mess and my younger ones tended to trip on them most often, I decided to check out Ruggies rug grippers in the stores first. It isn’t that I don’t like shopping online, but I wanted to purchase them immediately so that I could use them right away. Online shopping is usually my first preference as I am a professional woman and I have little time to go shopping. But for this one, I decided to visit some nearby stores to check their availability.

First, I checked my nearby stores to see if I could find Ruggies but I didn’t see any there. Then, I visited Wal-Mart because I’ve heard they carry a large section of products that are advertised on TV. I searched the Wal-Mart thoroughly, including the section for advertised products, but with no success. I also asked a store employee about Ruggies rug grippers, but he told me that they had stopped stocking them after the first shipment because people were more interested in buying them online because of the ‘buy one get one free’ offer and an included mystery gift. The employee showed me an alternative product for keeping carpets and mats in place. However, I was not interested in any other product as I had already tried many of them without effective results.

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Then, I visited Walgreens as they also stock advertised products for customers. When I asked the sales assistant about Ruggies, he told me that they would be available in two days. I was happy that finally I would be able to purchase Ruggies from Walgreens. However, when I asked him about the price, I was a little disappointed because there was no ‘buy one get one free’ offer. Moreover, I was also not eligible for a mystery gift. I also tried Target, but with the same results. No stock and no offer!

This was upsetting. So I went home and searched for other ways to buy Ruggies. I had no other options left than to order online. When I browsed the Internet, I found there were many websites that were selling Ruggies rug grippers. It was thrilling as I thought I would be able to find attractive deals on any of them. I picked a few websites that were selling Ruggies and compared them with the official website. I found horrifying stories of people getting scammed out of their money and receiving a duplicate product rather than what was advertised. Also, there was no offer, no thirty-day guarantee and no mystery gift as on the official Ruggies website. So, I decided to order my Ruggies from I know it would take a few days for my order to reach my doorstep, but I was sure that I would get the perfect deal.

Ordering at I only had to pay $8.75 plus shipping, and all with the security and the trust that only can offer. No other website was offering such a low price for Ruggies. I was pleased since the Ruggies at come with a thirty-day money back guarantee. So, although I could not check the quality of Ruggies in store, I could send them back if I wasn’t happy with the result. This was a better option than buying Ruggies in stores because most stores don’t accept a product for return once it is opened and used.

I have used all sorts of products for my carpets, but nothing was giving me the result I was hoping for. The Ruggies rug grippers have been the easiest and most useful products I have ever used to keep my carpets, mats and rugs in place. I highly recommend this product to everyone.

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Ruggies Rug Grippers

I like to have carpet and rugs in all my rooms. They make my home look beautiful and cosy. But, I got very worried when my children slipped on the carpets and rugs. My younger one has fallen many times on the rugs while running over them. There was also one instance when I hurt myself badly while walking on the rugs in spite of using grippers to keep my rugs in place. I have used rubber pieces, rug tape, grippy products, and rug anchors, but with little or no success. I was prepared to remove all my carpets and rugs from my home to ensure the safety of my family. But, when I saw the advertisement of Ruggies rug grippers on television, I thought it’s a great option to keep my rugs and carpets in one place.

Even though I was satisfied with the TV commercial, I still had a few queries regarding its usability. This was mainly because many of the products I had used in the past to keep my rugs in place never worked as claimed by their makers. I didn’t want to have the same experience, so I tried searching more about this product and its customer reviews. Upon thoroughly searching on the Internet, I found that the manufacturers had made some useful claims about the Ruggies rug grippers.

The Claims Made by the Manufacturers

The makers of Ruggies rug grippers claim that this product can keep people from sliding and falling over the carpets, mats, and rugs. They are triangular-shaped grippers that are made to attach on each corner of the rugs, carpets, or mats. They are simple to use. You just need to press them onto the surface firmly. The grip is so strong that rug grippers will continue to grasp even when you are vacuuming your home. Thus, you can easily clean your carpets without removing them. It also makes your cleaning hassle-free since your carpet will remain intact at one place while you are cleaning.

The company used the ‘Tacky Polymer Grip technology’, which helps the rug grippers to grip to the bottom of the carpets. On the other side, they have hundreds of little suction cups that are able to hold to the floor. There is no sticky adhesive and glue on the rug grippers. They stick on the flooring without causing any damage to the floor’s surface. They are easy to remove too. Once removed, there is no adhesive left on the floor. So, you don’t have to worry about your floor getting spoiled.

Ruggies rug grippers can be used over and over again because they are washable. You can wash them by simply rinsing in water. Moreover, they are created to suit any type of flooring, including laminate, concrete, hardwood floors, and carpeting. Once you stick the Ruggies grippers on the corners of your carpet, they won’t move.

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Ruggies Rug Grippers features

What Customers Have To Say

There are many positive reviews about Ruggies rug grippers on the Internet. I have mentioned a few of them here.

Kmix Says,

These are the best product ever! The rubber pieces attach to the rug by adhesive strips and that’s what gets them to stay. Everything is removable and doesn’t leave residue. We use them on our bamboo floors and can vacuum and even play with our dogs without our runner moving. The other reviews must not have used the adhesive strips. Best product ever and I highly recommend. It even comes with a set of two.”

Kmix’s review indicates that she was satisfied with the product. The rug gripper worked on her bamboo floor too.

Andrew says,

“I have lots of rugs in my house and they are always bunching up and not staying in place. I have used tape in the past but that doesn’t last long and it’s even marked up my hardwood flooring. I saw ruggies on TV so decided to order them and boy am I glad I did. They actually work – so easy to use and my rugs stay in place. Even with my kids playing and running on the rugs, they still stay in place. The offer was great as when I got 8 free so there were enough ruggies to use throughout my house. I recommend this product as it seems to work with all types of fabrics and floors and so far I haven’t seen any markings on my floor.”

Andrew was also satisfied with rug grippers. The kids can now play happily on the rug, as the rug remains at one place. This review made me determined to order rug grippers for my rugs and carpets.

Kah says,

“Tried various tapes to get the bathroom area rug to stay put in front of the sink. Checked all the major home improvement stores looking for something just like these but couldn’t find them. Delighted to be able to get them here! Easy to install and they work perfectly and no longer have to chase the rug! Thanks!”

Once I found how people benefitted from such a small but useful thing, I made my way to to purchase Ruggies rug grippers.

Where to Order?

You should order Ruggies rug grippers from official website. The great thing about purchasing it from the official website is that they offer a thirty-day money back guarantee. That means you won’t be losing anything if you don’t like your rug grippers. On purchasing Ruggies rug grippers, you’ll get a set of eight for $10, plus the shipping fee of $7.95. What’s more, you can get eight more for free with only an additional shipping of $3.95. You’ll also get one mystery gift upon ordering.

My Experience and Recommendation 

I have used many products to keep my rugs and carpets in place, but only Ruggies rug grippers surpassed my expectations. Before using Ruggies grippers, I used to warn my kids and guests when they walked over the carpets. But, not anymore! My home is a safe place now.

I recommend Ruggies rugs grippers to everyone who’s looking to manage their rugs and carpets, as these grippers are the easiest way to keep rugs in place.  Now, my rugs and mats do not create any mess, since they stay where I want them. Also, the curled look of the corners of my carpets, which I hated, is gone. Ruggies rug grippers are reusable, hassle-free, non-messy, and keep your home safe. There is no more worrying about your mats sliding around and being risky for others.


The Benefits Of Carpet And Rugs

Post written by Philip Duke from

Family lying on a carpet in their living room

Carpets and rugs are quite often used in homes on the floors. Carpets offer many advantages as they are a good insulating material and provide warmth as well as insulate sound. Apart from the fact that both carpets and rugs can be decorative, they are both practicable as well as fashionable. Area rugs placed over carpets also allow for versality in the placement as well as offering more protection and providing a sense of warmth.


A carpeted floor is much safer than a wooden floor or one with ceramic tiles. The soft surface and the padding under the carpet makes it slip resistant and it can also absorb the impact of a fall.

A carpeted floor also helps to absorb and reduce the sound. It not only absorbs the sound of foot traffic but also absorbs the room sounds and echoes. It also helps to absorb and block sound between floors.

Carpets and area rugs also help to improve the air quality by trapping allergens and other particles that can be vacuumed. Also carpets and rugs need much fewer chemicals to clean.

Most carpets and rugs made today are highly stain resistant making it easy to clean most spills with a damp cloth. By keeping the area rugs and carpets vacuumed on a regular basis, not only will they last a long time but will also help in improving the air quality in your home.

Both carpets and rugs are available in a wide range of patterns, shades and colors. They can fit in any design scheme. Besides area rugs can add to the décor in any room, they can help to harmonize a rooms appearance as well add warmth to an otherwise cold looking room.

Carpets and rugs are excellent insulators and with the padding can help in adding R value to your home. The carpet and the under padding acts as an extra insulating layer in your home.

Carpets are much cheaper to install than other flooring surfaces even with professional installation. They also tend to need much less maintenance than other flooring and last for a long time. Also carpets usually come with a manufacturers warranty that covers the pile, craftsmanship as well as the installation.

If rugs are used on hard wood or other flooring, you might need to use rug grippers to keep the rugs in place or from curling. If you are looking for rug grippers to keep your rugs from curling or slipping, you could look at our review for rug grippers.


Why Ruggies?How it Works

Living room with wooden ceiling
I am a minimalist in almost anything, like aesthetic style and preference. But, I don’t want my stuff to look bare. So I usually use simple touches, such as a rug for the floor.

The Rugs Problem

My only problem with rugs is that they sometimes curl-up or slip out of place. This small problem has become a big hassle and me with my obsessive-compulsiveness can’t just sit on it. Also, I want to have a hazard free home since I have an elderly parent staying with me. And slipping rugs increases the risk of having potential injuries. A few of my rugs have sort of lost its shape as they tend to curl-up. This happens whenever I run the vacuum cleaner over it. But I cannot stop using the vacuum so that my rugs could retain their shape. I had visitors once and they brought their son with them. He was a handful and was all over the place. But what made him stop from being giddy and running-around was when he tripped on my rug and almost fell-off the stairs. Thank God, I was spared from the plausibility of paying medical bills for that one. Aside from the hazard rugs may bring, my dog also had this weird habit of “attacking” and chewing on them.

How I came across with Ruggies

I have tried every solution I could find out there. I bought rug tapes and other similar items such as adhesives. I even improvised make-shift materials. But, they appear to just bring in additional problems. Not only do I have to custom-cut them, they also leave a mark both in the rug and on the floor. The sticky residue sometimes has to be scraped-off to remove them. And I hate leaving a mark on my priced marble floor. I mean who plans on having a marble floor only to end up scraping or scratching them? Still I do not have any intentions of removing every single rug in my house. Letting go of them would create a feel that something is lacking in the room, since I only use very few furniture and accent in my house. Luckily, as I searched online for an affordable and easy solution I came across Ruggies.

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How Ruggies Work

Ruggies are black and triangular in shape, made of washable polymer material which ensures your rugs stay in place. They are non-adhesive which means it will not leave any mark on both your rug and floor. They must be placed on all corners underneath your rug. When they appear not to work anymore, it just meant they have to be washed already. They are easy to wash, you just have to swish them in ample amount of water. It is also great that they work/grip on most floor materials such as hard wood, tiles, granite, and even marble. So should I have bought more than I needed, I could just give them away as I am sure anyone could have a use for them. I also didn’t have the need to custom-cut them as they fit all rug sizes. Once I used them, they barely left a mark or hint that they were actually under the rug. The rug doesn’t look bulky at all.

Ruggies other Applications

Though initially intended to be used for rugs, I have used them to secure light materials in place. Like my calendar on the fridge’s door. I am obsessive compulsive, and I don’t like that the magnets are getting in my view of the calendar. I also used and cut a few to fit my coasters and place mats on the dining table, to save time in always setting them during lunch and dinner. So they are sort of always set in the right place.


Ruggies For Rugs

Ruggies As Seen On Tv


Over all it was a good purchase. I actually can’t see any possible drawbacks at all. The only ones who won’t be buying them will be the ones who don’t have a single rug in their home. Now, I don’t know a single person who doesn’t have a rug at home. Well unless, that person lives in a hotel with carpet all over, perhaps or unless that person is an astronaut that spends most of his time outside earth.

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Rug Mysteries

You can see many homes having rugs on their wooden floors. They not only add color and warmth to the room but can also protect the floor where there is high traffic. These rugs come in different shapes and sizes and can be seen in a variety of patterns. But rugs can also create problems if they are not properly laid out with the proper backing.

Rugs Slipping on Wooden Floors Why?

Wooden Floor in Living Room

Wooden Floor in Living Room

When rugs are placed on smooth floors, they tend to slip and slide if you are not careful as to how you walk on them. This is because the rugs are usually soft and do not hold on to the floor. Rugs without proper backing to hold them on to the floors can cause people to fall down because the rug slipped under their feet while walking or running.

If you would like to avoid rugs slipping on wooden floors you have to try Ruggies. Visit Ruggies Official Site Click Here

Your rug won’t slip on those freshly waxed tile or wood floors
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Why Do Rugs Curl Up?

Rugs Curl Up

Rugs Curl Up

Sometimes when you place a rug on the floor you may find that the edges of the rug lift of the floor and tend to curl. This may happen due to the rug being rolled up and stored. Humidity too can cause an area rug to curl as also the weave or edge binding. Curling usually occurs on the edges or corners of the rug. Sometimes you find that only one side or one corner of the rug tends to curl.

Oftentimes thinner area rugs tend to curl on the ends making a tripping hazard for the unsuspecting. Ruggies can keep those rug ends firmly attached to the floor reducing the chances of tripping on the rug.

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Why do Rugs Shed?

Rugs Shed

Rugs Shed

Most rugs normally shed but the amount that they shed is dependent on the way the rug was made and the quality of the rug. Wool rugs tend to shed more than rugs made of synthetic fibers, this usually due to the fact that the manufacturers have used wool that is not properly combed. This process removes the short and broken fibers but since this process is costly manufacturers tend to use wool that is not properly combed to keep down the price. Another factor as to how much you rug sheds is due to the way it was made. Rugs are usually made by hand knotting or by hand tufting. Hand knotted rugs have each pile in the rug securely knotted and this leads to very little shedding while hand tufted rugs do not have any knots to hold the fibers down and tend to shed more.

Why do Area Rugs buckle?

Rugs buckle

Rugs buckle

There are many reasons as to why rugs buckle, hand woven rugs normally buckle because of different weaving tensions in the rug. Some rugs buckle because of the backing material used in the rug is made of a heavy material as compared to the rug which is loosely stitched to the rug. Another reason for handcrafted rugs to buckle is that they may have different fabrics and fibers used in their making, this can lead them to buckle. Tufted rugs have a latex backing which helps to hold the rug together, over time this material may crack or crumble and this may cause the rug to buckle.

A bunched area rug is another hazard that most people would like to avoid and having ruggies hold the corners of the rug firmly in place will keep the rug from bunching causing another tripping hazard.

at Ruggies Review post 

Even though rugs have many problems they help to enhance the room and with due care these problems

Ruggies Rug Gripper can help you eliminating these and other problems. Visit Ruggies Rug Grippers Review to find more about Ruggies




Ruggies Review

While area rugs can add texture and interest to your décor, when they slide, bunch, and curl they can also be unattractive, annoying, and dangerous. Being able to keep those rugs in place and prevent them from curling and bunching will increase the beauty of these rugs as well as the safety of your home. Ruggies are the perfect accessories for your area rugs.

What are Ruggies

Ruggies Grip So Rugns Don't  Slip

Ruggies Official Site

Ruggies are triangular shaped pieces of Polymer material that is specially designed on one side to grip the underside of your rug, and has suction cups on the other side that grip your wood, linoleum, or tile floor to keep the rug from slipping or bunching.

Simply place a ruggie on each corner of a square or rectangular rug or on the curves of a round or oval rug and then press the rug to the floor. If you want to change area rugs simply remove the ruggie, wash in soapy water dry and attach to the new rug and you are good to go.

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Benefits of Ruggies

There are several benefits of using ruggies to secure your rugs to the floor. These benefits include:

  • Your rug won’t slip on those freshly waxed tile or wood floors. Slipping rugs can cause spills and some serious injuries for unsuspecting guests and members of your household. They pose increased danger to younger children who run through the house. Ruggies hold the area rug into place keeping them from sliding.
  • Prevents curling rug ends. Oftentimes thinner area rugs tend to curl on the ends making a tripping hazard for the unsuspecting. Ruggies can keep those rug ends firmly attached to the floor reducing the chances of tripping on the rug.
  • Prevents Bunching. A bunched area rug is another hazard that most people would like to avoid and having ruggies hold the corners of the rug firmly in place will keep the rug from bunching causing another tripping hazard.
  • Riggies also works on any size and shape of rug, so you don’t have to worry about buying the “correct” size or shape to work with these firm little rug and floor grippers.
  • These rug grippers are also reusable, and if they quit gripping then simply washing them will result in the ruggies working like new.
  • Ruggies are inexpensive costing only $10.00 plus $7.95 shipping and handling for 8 ruggies or enough to hold two area rugs in place.

Deals on Ruggies

Ruggies come at great price, but if you order from the official website you can get a second set of ruggies for just shipping and handling plus a free surprise gift. Not only do you get a second set of ruggies cheaper, but you get the a surprise as well.

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Introducing Ruggies

Just Press onto hard flooring or carpeting to keep area rugs in  place.

Ruggies are strong enough to hold rugs even during vacuuming.

Ruggies are reusable. If They lose grip, simple wash and they are like new.

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