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You can see many homes having rugs on their wooden floors. They not only add color and warmth to the room but can also protect the floor where there is high traffic. These rugs come in different shapes and sizes and can be seen in a variety of patterns. But rugs can also create problems if they are not properly laid out with the proper backing.

Rugs Slipping on Wooden Floors Why?

Wooden Floor in Living Room

Wooden Floor in Living Room

When rugs are placed on smooth floors, they tend to slip and slide if you are not careful as to how you walk on them. This is because the rugs are usually soft and do not hold on to the floor. Rugs without proper backing to hold them on to the floors can cause people to fall down because the rug slipped under their feet while walking or running.

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Why Do Rugs Curl Up?

Rugs Curl Up

Rugs Curl Up

Sometimes when you place a rug on the floor you may find that the edges of the rug lift of the floor and tend to curl. This may happen due to the rug being rolled up and stored. Humidity too can cause an area rug to curl as also the weave or edge binding. Curling usually occurs on the edges or corners of the rug. Sometimes you find that only one side or one corner of the rug tends to curl.

Oftentimes thinner area rugs tend to curl on the ends making a tripping hazard for the unsuspecting. Ruggies can keep those rug ends firmly attached to the floor reducing the chances of tripping on the rug.

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Why do Rugs Shed?

Rugs Shed

Rugs Shed

Most rugs normally shed but the amount that they shed is dependent on the way the rug was made and the quality of the rug. Wool rugs tend to shed more than rugs made of synthetic fibers, this usually due to the fact that the manufacturers have used wool that is not properly combed. This process removes the short and broken fibers but since this process is costly manufacturers tend to use wool that is not properly combed to keep down the price. Another factor as to how much you rug sheds is due to the way it was made. Rugs are usually made by hand knotting or by hand tufting. Hand knotted rugs have each pile in the rug securely knotted and this leads to very little shedding while hand tufted rugs do not have any knots to hold the fibers down and tend to shed more.

Why do Area Rugs buckle?

Rugs buckle

Rugs buckle

There are many reasons as to why rugs buckle, hand woven rugs normally buckle because of different weaving tensions in the rug. Some rugs buckle because of the backing material used in the rug is made of a heavy material as compared to the rug which is loosely stitched to the rug. Another reason for handcrafted rugs to buckle is that they may have different fabrics and fibers used in their making, this can lead them to buckle. Tufted rugs have a latex backing which helps to hold the rug together, over time this material may crack or crumble and this may cause the rug to buckle.

A bunched area rug is another hazard that most people would like to avoid and having ruggies hold the corners of the rug firmly in place will keep the rug from bunching causing another tripping hazard.

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Even though rugs have many problems they help to enhance the room and with due care these problems

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  • Dana June 13, 2013, 1:18 pm

    I have all these problem with my rugs, in time all get to the same problems…
    I would try your product, seems great after reading all about it, I`m from Hungary, can I find your products here? Thank you

    • John June 14, 2013, 1:14 am

      Hi Dana. Yes Ruggies it’s an original and very simple solution for rugs. I’m sorry but Ruggies it’s only available in the US. Check the Official Site to find more about the shipment.

  • Joyce June 16, 2013, 9:39 pm

    I ordered Ruggies and now I can get out from the shower without fearing that I`ll slip . Love the Ruggies, my rugs are firm since I got this product

  • Thelma June 17, 2013, 9:17 pm

    Edges of my rugs lifted of the floor and tended to curl after this my dogs always played with the curled areas and my rugs were destroyed, after using ruggies all these problems have disappeared

  • Damian June 18, 2013, 7:55 pm

    After ordering ruggies I have no problem with buckling, slipping, and many other problems, cheap and useful, love it.


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